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Submit your place

It's completely free to create a listing on Vacedo. Click the 'List your space' button on the top right of any page on the site. This will take you to a form where you can enter initial details. You can always change any of these details later. Your listing won't go live until you're completely ready, so go ahead and click 'Continue' to keep entering information.


It is up to you to decide how much you charge. To get an idea of what you can charge, we recommend searching for similar listings in your neighborhood to learn more about local pricing. You can set different prices for nightly, weekly, and monthly stays, as well as advanced seasonal pricing. To do this, select 'Your Listings' in the dropdown menu at the top of the site, click on the listing you want to edit, and select 'Pricing' from the left sidebar.

Titles & Descriptions

A great title and description of your place are essential. They serve as an advertisement for your space! Make sure your title is descriptive and clearly written. Stay concise with your title: people will lose interest after 10 words or so. Misspellings and grammatical errors are also turn-offs. Descriptions, on the other hand, should be very detailed. They should give your prospective guests a great sense of what to expect.

Use the House Rules section to lay out expectations for guests. Do they have to arrive by 3pm? Is it lights out after midnight? Do you allow visitors? This is the place to spell out guidelines so that your guests can understand what is expected of them before booking.


Great photographs are the best way for prospective guests to discover your listing. Vacedo lets you unlimited photographs of your space. The more photographs, the better: photographs are crucial for guests in deciding whether they want to book or not. So make sure your photographs are well lit, in focus, and representative of your space.


Your profile is the place where guests get to know you. Upload a picture of yourself (clear, smiling head shots work best) that shows off your personality. Fill out a detailed profile of yourself, including your philosophy towards hosting, so that guests learn more about you.


You should feel comfortable with any guest who stays in your listing. That's why Vacedo provides you with sophisticated communications and screening tools. You never have to accept a booking unless you're 100% confident.


Guests will message you directly through Vacedo to ask you questions about you and your place, as well as confirm availability. Use this opportunity to ask questions and get comfortable with your potential guests. No personal information will be exchanged until after a reservation is accepted. Messages will show up in your inbox, and you will be notified via email notifications.

What to Ask

Good communication and setting expectations are key to being a successful host. You might want to ask questions like: What is the purpose of the trip? Who and how many people are coming with you? You can always request that prospective guests connect with Facebook or get personal references in case you need additional peace of mind.

What to Look For

We provide a lot of tools that potential guests can use to build trust on the site, and you can ask them to take more steps if you need to. Look for real profile pictures, social network and phone verifications, past reviews, and personal references.


You're always in control of who books your place. When you receive a reservation request, you have 24 hours to pre-approve or decline the request or it will expire. We encourage you to reply to every request, even if just to decline it, as expired requests will negatively affect your search results and response rates.

Reservation Requests

You'll receive reservation requests in your Vacedo inbox, and you'll be notified of new requests via email. The request will have all the details for the reservation. Double-check the dates and ask more questions if you need to. You have 24 hours to accept or decline the request.


It is free of charge to list a property on Vacedo. We don't ask or get any money until you receive a booking through us. We charge the host a (8% - 12% + VAT)  fee for each reservation coming from us, which let us provide our services to you.


When a reservation is accepted, the "Guest" has 24 hours at his disposal to proceed with the "booking payment", of the total amount. On that price the fee that Vacedo charges for its services is included.  After the guest completes the booking payment, you will receive a confirmation email, and the direct contact information of your guest. You can always access all of this information by going to "Your Reservations".

We hold on to the money until 24 hours after guest's check-in date. After that time, we will send you the money. You can get paid by bank transfer. Set your payout method by going to your Account under Dashboard, and then selecting Payout Preferences.


You're so close to a payday you can almost taste it! Just a few more things to get in order, and then you're ready for the fun part - meeting your guests and getting paid.


After the guest complete the booking payment, we will provide you with the direct contact information for your guest. The guest will receive your contact information, including the address of your listing, as well. It is important that you contact each other and coordinate arrival and departure times, as well as key exchanges.

Prepare Your Space

Think about what you might expect and need if you were renting your place. First, make sure your place is sparkling clean. Good hosts have supplies like towels, coffee, and city/transit maps. It's probably a good idea to compile instructions for common appliances like TVs, internet, and anything else guests have access to. Many hosts even go above and beyond by welcoming guests with a bottle of wine or custom city guides - get creative!


You should know what time your guests plan on arriving. Make sure everything is in order and ready to go. When guests arrive, we recommend spending five to 10 minutes with them even if you are not staying at your place. Show them around your space, highlighting key features and things they need to know.


Reviews are the backbone of Vacedo. After the reservation is complete, you will receive an email and dashboard alert asking you to review your guests. Take the time to leave them a short review. They'll be happy - and so will we.




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